HDP – who are we?

High Definition Pictures Inc. (HDP) is an Aboriginal owned and operated Manitoba-based company established in December 2001 to create unique, dynamic, thought-provoking film and television entertainment product for the domestic and international marketplace.

HDP as a motion picture development company produces independent feature films and other entertainment products such as television documentaries, dramatic programming including (MOW’s) movies of the week and drama series, and feature films.

HDP has recognized the cultural, social, and business potential of the industry having successfully produced and developed a number of film and television projects. The company will continue to produce programs that tell specific Aboriginal stories, recognizing the vital cultural role the voice of indigenous films play in worldwide societies who embrace their uniqueness, but they will not be the sole focus of the company: providing thought-provoking entertainment for a worldwide audience is the mantra. That is why our slate represents a great cross-section of commercially viable product.

HDP most recently completed The Psychopath Next Door a 60 minute Documentary for CBC DocZone. The Psychopath Next Door examined the “successful” psychopath, the charming, manipulative and ruthless snakes in suits who don’t rob the bank, but instead become a director of it. The Psychopath Next Door was the highest rated DocZone since 2011.

In 2012 HDP completed Path of Souls a 90 minute Feature Film starring Adam Beach, Corey Sevier and Laura Harris. Written and Directed by Jeremy Torrie, Path of Souls follows a woman as she tracks her dead husband into the afterlife and travels the treacherous Path of Souls into the Underworld of the Dead. Distributed by Hollydan Works and broadcast on Superchannel and APTN, Path of Souls was an official selection in over 20 film festivals including the Calgary International Film Festival, Gimli Film Festival, and Dreamspeakers Film Festival. Path of Souls was a Perspective Canada selection at Cannes and Berlinale; Winner Best Picture at the Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival, Winner Best Director at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival and American Indian Film Festival.

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